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Monday, 15 December 2014

Recent Updates

:Sub: Fresh empanelment of private Health Care Organizations (HCOs) and revision of Package Rates applicable under CGHS Chennai.2014 dated 17.11.2014
:Amendment of provisions of the CCS (Joining Time) Rules, 1979 dated 17.11.2014
:Posting of Government employees who have differently abled dependents - reg dated 17.11.2014
:Inclusion of Aadhaar (Unique Identification) number in Service Book of Government servants.dated 03.11.2014
:Travelling Allowance (TA) Rules - submission of Boarding Pass alongwith TA bills dated 08.10.2014
:Payment of Dearness Allowance to Central Government employees - Revised Rates effective from 01.07.2014 dt.18.09.14
: Revised Minimum Wages of A & N Islands dt.22.07.14
:Revision of Forms under the General Provident Fund (Central Services) Rules, 1960 and Contributory Provident Fund Rules (India), 1962 - regarding dt.19.614
:Key Features of Union Budget 2014-15
:Central Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008 - application of the first proviso to Rule 10 in case of those who had been granted stagnation increment(s) in the pre-revised pay scales dt.04.07.14
:Child Care Leave (CCL) in respect of Central Government Employees as a result of Sixth Central Pay Commission recommendations - Clarification - regarding dt.05.06.14
Revised Passenger Fares for Inter Island, Foreshore & Ferry Services of A & N Administration effective w.e.f. 01.06.2014 dt.27.05.14

:Guidelines on treatment of effect of penalties on promotion - role of Departmental Promotion Committee.dt.28.4.14
:Clarification on increase in certain allowances by further 25 percent as a result of enhancement of Dearness Allowances w.e.f. 1.1.2014 -dt.28.4.14
:FAQ on Children Education Allowance Scheme and Honorarium
:Resolution dt. 04.3.14: GPF & other similar funds carry interest @8.7% w.e.f. 01.04.14(2014-15)
Simplified Pension Forms to be submitted by Pensioners - Amendment to CCS (Pension) Rules. 1972 dt.20.02.14
Extension of benefit of Transport Allowance at double the Normal Rates to Deaf and Dumb Employees dt.19.02.14
Grant of compensation in lieu of rent free accommodation dt 21.02.14

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Pension Calculation including Revised Forms (Now very simple to prepare Pension Case)

Pension Updates:

: Grant of Fixed Medical Allowance (FMA) Rs.500/- to the Central Government Pensioners residing in areas not covered under CGHS dt.19.11.14

:Procedure for grant of permission to the pensioners for commercial employment after retirement - revision of Form 25 dt.19.11.14

:Simplification of pension procedure - submission of undertaking by retiring Government servant along with pension papers - reg. dt.07.05.14

:Amendment to CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 - Revised Form 3, Form 5, Form 7, Form 8, Form 10, Form 11, Form 12, Form 13, Form 14, Form 18, Form 19, Form 20, Form 21, Form 22 and Form 24 - Notification Regarding dt.21.02.14

:Common Nomination Forms for various retirement benefits of the Central Government employees - Notifications regarding. dt.28.03.14

:Simplified Pension Forms to be submitted by Pensioners - Amendment to CCS (Pension) Rules. 1972 dt.20.02.14

:Eligibility of widowed/divorced daughters for grant of family pension - clarification regarding. dt.11.09.13

:Withholding of 10(PERCENT) gratuity from the retiring Government servants - clarification regarding. dt.11.07.13

:Payment of arrears of pension in cases where valid nomination has not been made under the Payment of Arrears of Pension (Nomination) Rules, 1983 Payment of arrears of family pension - reg. dt.10.07.13

:Eligibility of disabled children for family pension after 
marriage and Eligibility for two family pensions- clarification regarding dt.16.01.13
Useful Pension Forms Click here to get download link 

Which rules Govern Pension?

Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules,1972.
Who is the Pension Sanctioning Authority?

The Head of Office in the Ministry/Department/Office where a Government servant last served is the pension sanctioning authority.
What should a Government servant do to claim his pension?

The Head of Office is required to undertake the work of preparation of pension papers in Form No. 7 of Pension Rules two years before the date on which a Government servant is due to retire on superannuation. Eight months prior to the retirement date, a Government servant is required to furnish certain information (e.g. joint photo with spouse, family details, name of the branch of the authorised bank through which he desires to draw his pension etc.) to his Head of Office in the prescribed Form No. 5. After complying with the requirements of CCS Pension Rules 59 & 60, the Head of Office has to forward to the Pay & Accounts Officer Form 5 and Form 7 duly completed with a covering letter in Form 8 alongwith service book of the Government servant duly completed up-to-date and any other documents relied upon for the verification of service, not later than six months before the date of retirement of the Government servant.